Dog Toys

Plush Toys

dog toyBesides a well-made and durable chew toy, plush dog toys can help curb your dog’s tendency to chew and play with things they shouldn’t be. Do not substitute a plush dog toy with one made for humans. Human plush toys are not designed to hold up to the abuse, chewing, and pulling that your dog will put her toy through. Instead, look for plush toys that are specifically designed with your dog in mind.

Dog Thinking Toys

Anybody who has been a parent to both canines and humans can tell you there are plenty of similarities between the two. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure you are stimulating your young ones both physically and mentally. Much like the learning toys we purchase for our kids, the market for dog thinking toys is large and changing rapidly. These toys provide hours of enjoyment through activities that make your dog think a bit outside of the doghouse to grab a treat or solve a puzzle.

Dog Squeak Toys

The unmistakable sound of a squeak toy will make any dog’s ear perk up with excitement. A very common addition to any dog toy box, squeak toys can be used in conjunction with training and during playtime. If you are allowing your dog some playtime with a squeak toy, it is very important to watch her as she plays with it. The squeaking mechanism inside these tys can pose choking hazards for dogs if they tear the toys are torn apart. Replace any squeak toy that has been torn open with a new, durable toy. Both plush and harder material squeaky toys are available.

Light & Laser Toys

Dogs are attracted to bright colors and lights, so it only makes sense that there are a great many light and laser toys on the market for dogs. These toys fall under a number of other dog toy categories as they can be plush, balls, chewy, squeaky, or a mix of several areas. Light and laser toys for dogs are especially attractive for outside and nighttime play. Pet owners concerned about the electronics inside these light and laser toys can rest assured knowing they are well contained within the toys. To be on the safe side, electronic toys or equipment with holes or any exposed electronics should always be replaced with a new dog toy.