Dog Pools & Water Toys

Dog Pool

dog-im-pool-funnyMore than ever, dog owners are¬†becoming increasingly aware of the dangers that surround dogs and other pets on overly warm summer days. The dog days of summer can be a lot of fun, but they can also bring about a bit of danger with the possibility of overheating or dehydration. One of the best ways to help your dog beat the heat during those warm summer days is by providing a nice watering hole designed especially for dogs. Dog pools are meant to be jumped in and out by dogs and will hold up much better to the abuse than similar children’s pools.

Swimming & Water Dog Toys

dog-beach-buoyDogs love playing and splashing in water as much as we do. When you plan on hitting the beach or spending a day at the pool with your canine companion, you should have at least one water dog toy packed away. While there are many different versions and styles of dog toys that involve water, the bulk of these toys are intended to be thrown into the water so your dog can retrieve them. They generally include durable materials that allow for buoyancy to float, ropes for grabbing by sharp teeth, and bright colors for easier spotting in the water.