Dog Agility

Dog Activity & Agility Toys

Dogs are fun-loving pets, but their playful nature is more than just being friendly.

Your dog needs to be entertained, much like a child would. If left alone, an energetic dog may find ways to entertain himself that won’t seem too playful. A bored dog that has too much energy can cause a lot of issues and hamper training:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Chewing Things
  • Jumping Constantly
  • Following You Around
  • Bringing You Toys
  • More Aggressive Behavior

Help your training efforts by providing dog toys that will help your dog burn off that extra energy. Many dog toys that are designed to help cure that dreaded pooch boredom work best when incorporated into a well-balanced play and social life. It has become increasingly common for dog owners to forgo important things like walks and visits to the dog park only to be replaced with some toys for dogs and a fenced-in yard. This is not enough for most dogs and will not help keep them happy, healthy, or interested.

Balls For Dogs

malinois-agility-ballOne of the most common toys for dogs is the good ol’ ball. While many dog owners use common tennis balls or other balls for humans for their canine playtime, the truth is, these tennis balls are not designed to hold up against the rough play of dogs. Balls for dogs are designed to be more durable, much tougher, and can even include colors that make the balls easier for dogs to see or find. Balls are the perfect on-the-go dog toy. They can be easily tucked away and used on walks, at the park, on the beach, or almost anywhere else.

Ball Launchers

agility-equipment-ballBall launchers are a great way to play with your dog and have a number of benefits. While it is more than possible to pick up a ball and throw it for your dog, that can require quite a bit of bending over and reaching down. Depending on your age or health, this can cause unwanted strain on your muscles, joints, or bones. Perhaps you simply cannot keep up with the energy of your dog. Ball launchers come in a variety of styles that allow you to exert as little energy as possible while giving your four-legged friends a great workout.

Flying Dog Toys

Unlike balls for dogs, flying dog toys are more disc or saucer-shaped and allow your dog a chance to chase and catch them. These types of dog toys are another great on-the-go item for many dog owners as they are thin and easy to store, carry, and pack away. The flying of these dog toys give pups a chance to watch and concentrate on the flight pattern more than ball dog toys do, imitating a real-life animal and stimulating more of a dog’s senses.

Ropes and Tugging

chihuahua-ropeDogs just love to play tug of war. For many dogs, a strong rope and a willing participant can amount to hours of fun and energy burning. With many of the other toys in this section, you will likely need to be an active participant in your dog’s playtime. With ropes and tugging toys for dogs, you can give your canine friends the chance to play with other dogs, making rope and tugging dog toys perfect for dog parks and other socializing opportunities. Ropes for dogs and other tugging dog toys are usually made from durable nylon or heavy-duty rubber to withstand the rigorous strain put on it.

Agility Equipment For Dogs

agilityToo often, when doggie parents think of agility equipment, they think of professional dogs. Agility toys and equipment are great for all owners as dog agility training comes packed with some awesome benefits. These dog toys will not only help your dog but will also help you.

Most importantly, dog agility training is a great way to spend time together. The best part of becoming a parent to an adorable pet is the love that you share. Dogs bond amazingly well during times of training and exercise. Dog agility training equipment requires that you communicate with your dog both verbally and through hand or body gestures, increasing the trust and obedience of your pup on and off the course.

There are some other benefits that make dog agility toys and equipment look even more appealing to every parent:

Great chance for your dog to exercise or burn off some extra energy.

  • As you will be running the courses alongside your dog, you will also get a bit of a workout and a boost to your health.
  • Learning commands on the course will help increase obedience off the course
  • Agility training, equipment, and toys for dogs speak to a canine’s natural instinct to hunt, chase, and play.