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Owning a dog is more than just feed, walk, and repeat. The life of being a doggy parent is exciting, fun, and packed with a whole lot of playtime. Much like their human family members, your canine companions need variety in their playtime activities to help stimulate different aspects of their development and physical well-being. We have set up this site to help dog owners find the most reliable and up-to-date information on Dog toys. We will cover a number of topics including:

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Safety and Precautions

As with anything, there are some safety and precautions that you should be aware of when choosing new toys for your pooch. While we cannot possibly begin to cover everything you will need to know about choosing safe and healthy dog toys, we will provide you with a lot of great tip and advice throughout this section that will help you feel confident in choosing safe toys for your dogs.

In a pinch, dog owners have used children’s toys as dog toys. In many cases, this can be just fine and cause little to no danger. Unfortunately, there are always exceptions to everything, and there have been multiple correlations between dogs chewing the insides of stuffed animals and other stuffing materials and their sickness or death. While these cases are rare, it is strongly suggested that doggy parents do not give their pets human plush toys to play with. If your dog happens to get ahold of one, be sure to watch them very closely and take it away once the outside is ripped open.

kauspielzeugTearing things apart is just part of being a dog with those sharp teeth. Many dog toys are designed with this one basic thought in mind. That’s why chew toys, rope toys, and other types of dog toys are made with extra thick materials or roping. Children’s toys are not meant to hold up to this same level of rough play and sharp teeth, causing them to break apart much more easily. It’s not only children’s toys that can be dangerous. Small pieces broken off of any toy, be it human or dog, can cause choking hazards for any size animal. If the item is made out of hard plastic or metal, cutting hazards can make the situation far worse.

Rawhide is another material that can pose health hazards for your dog. This may be a little surprising to some dog owners as rawhides very prevalent in many dog chews, treats, and other toys for dogs. The rawhide itself isn’t the problem, instead, when your dog chews and starts tearing it apart, the broken pieces tend to be sharp and jagged. This can cause a choking hazard by getting lodged in their throats or causing damage on the way down. Rawhide can be safe and dogs love it, just be alert and watch your pups during and after playing with rawhide dog toys and treats.